Sleep has a huge impact on your overall health. Learn how to get the most out of your sleep with the resources below.
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Sleep Resources

Recommended 9Health Fair Screenings

  • Sleep Apnea Screening

  • Blood Chemistry Screening

Here are some great apps to help you manage your sleep!

Tracking your progress will double your success. Download one of these apps that Dr. John recommends!


See your sleep like never before. Revolutionary sleep cycle alarm gently wakes you during your lightest sleep. Use it as a simple time log or a comprehensive tracker.


Pillow Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Pillow monitors your movements and sounds while you sleep. Using advanced algorithms, Pillow can keep a detailed history of how well you’ve slept and when is the optimal time to wake you up. When you wake up, you get a full overview of how you’ve slept along with mood tracking and sleep notes.


Sleep Better

Track your sleep, monitor your dreams, improve your bedtime habits & wake up better with Sleep Better from Runtastic! Sleep Better offers you a simple and engaging way to improve your sleep quality, whether you struggle to fall asleep, want to learn how your daytime activities influence your sleep efficiency or simply want some new alarm sounds to help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day!


Meet our Expert: Dr. John Torres

Dr. John Torres is the Medical Director and owner of both Premier Urgent Care locations.  “Dr. John” is also known for being the medical expert for KRDO (Southern Colorado), KUSA TV (Denver) and KOSI radio (Denver).  As a board certified emergency medicine physician, he shares his expertise to help viewers better understand what new health stories really mean and answer viewer questions.  When it comes to helping you stay healthy, you'll constantly hear him saying his favorite phrase “everything in moderation.”

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How does the glow of technology impact your sleep? What in the world is sleep hygiene? How much sleep do you really need? Watch the videos below to learn more!

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