sleep like a dogSleep deprivation is quickly becoming a worldwide epidemic. It’s true! Lack of sleep can have negative effects like unproductive workdays, car accidents, stress, and more. On the flip side, a deep sleep flushes out toxins, resets our bodies, and leaves us feeling refreshed for the new day ahead.

Adults should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night. If you’re having trouble getting that magic number of zzz’s each night, keep reading! The 4 tips below may be the help you’re looking for.

Avoid Technology

Technology screens (phones, tablets, televisions) emit a “blue light”, which can interfere with melatonin (helps control your sleep and wake cycles). Exposure to this blue light at bedtime gives our body a conflicting message: is it time to wake up, or is it time to sleep? This confusion can be very disruptive to your sleep. According to 9Health Ready Sleep expert, Dr. John Torres, removing any technology from your bedroom is the best thing you can do for your sleep.

Create a Sleep Ritual

Train your body to know when it’s time to go to sleep. If caffeine has an effect on you, eliminate any beverages that contain caffeine around noon. Then, 30 minutes before bedtime, begin the process of preparing your body to sleep. Turn off technology. Brush your teeth. Practice gratitude. Read a magazine article or chapter from a book. Whatever steps you choose to include in your sleep ritual, make them into a habit that your body recognizes as one thing: bedtime!

Limit Tossing and Turning

If you find yourself consistently waking up at 2:30am to solve all of the world’s problems, give yourself 15 minutes to try to get back to sleep. If you’re still tossing and turning, get out of bed and remove yourself from your sleep environment. Read a few pages from a book, look out the window, have a drink of water (just avoid any blue light!)

Get a Sleep Test

If you’ve tried seemingly everything, and you’re still not getting that quality sleep you so desperately need, consider a sleep test. Many 9Health Fair locations offer a sleep apnea screening at no charge. Find a location near you here.

Remember, we spend an estimated one-third of our lives sleeping. If you’re not getting quality sleep, there are many areas of your life that can suffer. Make the changes necessary to get the sleep your body needs.