Eating a balanced diet is crucial. Proper nutrition gives your body the energy it needs to thrive! Learn to make healthy choices a lifestyle!

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"Every time you eat
or drink, you are
either feeding disease
or fighting it."



Here are some great apps to help you manage your nutrition!

Tracking your progress doubles your success! Download one of these apps that our expert recommends!


Put a nutrition expert in your pocket with this app! See how well foods match your needs, find healthy alternatives, and achieve your goals!



Scan and find healthy foods, track your progress, and
interact with others to lose weight and improve your health.


My Fitness Pal

A great way to lose weight and keep it off is to simply keep track of the foods you eat. With access to the world's largest nutrition and calorie database, this app is fast and easy to use!


Meet our Expert: Caitlin Dow, PhD

Dr. Caitlin Dow is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She received her doctorate in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Arizona and does research in the fields of nutrition, obesity, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Her goal is to debunk myths surrounding nutrition and obesity, while teaching people simple, easy strategies for eating and enjoying a healthy diet. In addition to her research, she volunteers as an instructor with the Cooking Matters program, teaching families basic nutrition knowledge and cooking skills.

In her spare time, Caitlin enjoys blogging, practicing yoga, and exploring Colorado by way of skiing, hiking, and seeing live music all over the state.

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How does Dr. Caitlin pack her meals full of fruits & veggies? What's the best way to incorporate healthy eatinghabits? What part of your body is helpful in determining portion sizes?  Watch the videos below to learn more!

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